Addison Business Association

About Us

The Addison Business Association was founded to improve communication between the Town of Addison business community and the Addison city government and City Council.

Since many of the business professional people who work in Addison live outside of the city they do not have the opportunity to vote on city matters. Therefore the ABA was established to represent the interest of non-voting members of the community, who greatly affected by decisions relating to taxes, water, sewage, zoning, street improvements and other related issues.

The ABA's relationship with the city government has been one of cooperation and mutual benefit and the stated goal since 1975 has been "to help build Addison into a great and prosperous city".

Your Role

  • Get involved
  • Join Committees
  • Serve as a volunteer

ABA Committees

  • Membership Committee
  • Ambassador Program Committee
  • Communication Committee
  • Town of Addison Resource Committee
  • ABA Meeting Committee
  • Business Development Committee
  • Community Connection and Service Committee