The ABA Promise

The Addison Business Association is a vehicle for you to have a voice in matters that affect your business and the use of your tax dollars.

The ABA will keep you informed and give you an opportunity to have input into decisions which affect Addison’s future:

  • On a monthly basis you will receive an Addison Council Meeting summary newsletter which recaps council decisions and matters under consideration.

  • You will also have the opportunity to attend ABA luncheon meetings. Speakers regularly include the City Manager, and other State and Federal officials speaking on relevant topics of current local interest. These luncheons also serve as a place to meet and develop relationships with business and professional people within this community as well as city government officials.

The ABA is not a Chamber of Commerce to compete with the Metrocrest Chamber, instead it is a business and professional organization that makes recommendations that will in the long run, make Addison a better community in which to work and live.