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Bryan Dodge

Wednesday, February 04, 2009 - 11:45 AM

Bryan Dodge
Dodge Development, Inc.
Crowne Plaza Hotel

Bryan Dodge is one of America's most popular speakers on the subject of personal and professional development. Nearly 20 years ago, in his home in Colorado, Bryan began to study success habits and ways to bring these proven techniques to the marketplace. As an avid student of success principles, he used much of what he discovered to personally change his own life. He developed a business in marketing that has presented these materials to more than 41,000 major corporations throughout the United States and Canada. The growth of this business venture prompted him to move to the Dallas area over a decade ago where the opportunity for progress was even greater. Soon, Bryan's reputation spread throughout the United States and he found himself in demand as a guest speaker at service club luncheons, business conventions, and other dynamic organizations. He is the author of two books and several audio educational programs. Besides keeping an ambitious speaking calendar he also hosts a weekly radio show.

What You Can Expect To Learn

Bryan Dodge will deliver his new inspirational message, "How to Recession Proof Your Business." Some people excel during economic down turns while others experience set backs. What are the characteristics that cause people to do extremely well during the tough times? Don't let current market conditions get you down. Bryan's new program will eliminate frustration, stress, and unhappiness. The world is changing. Are you? Bryan's program is designed to keep you prepared and ahead of the curve.

Testimonies From Past Appearances

"Bryan, many thanks for conducting a terrific seminar at yesterday's conference. Rarely does one get an opportunity to learn so much in such a short time."
- Sam Zurawel, Merrill Lynch

"Bryan, you have impacted our lives and touched us for the better to influence people in a positive way and make our world a happier place for all of us."

- Liz Butler, Henry S. Miller Co.

"Bryan, we really enjoyed having you at our sales meeting. Tidbits have been popping back into my mind all day, like I need more of those $1.00 employees! Your session was super; man, you covered a lot of ground. Unbelievable!"

- Bob Jenkens, TM Century Inc.

"The greatest asset you company has is your people. This meeting is for them. If they grow, the company will grow; if they change, the company will change."

Listen to Bryan on WBAP 820 AM Saturday at 5:00 pm